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Certified Professional Resume Writing


Here's What We Do and How We Work With You To Make You Stand Out From the Crowd:


  • We call you to discuss your resume project including a review and evaluation of your existing resume if you send us one. (Usually within 1 to 2 business days of your submission).
  • We may send you a "Resume Questionnaire" that will help us gain additional information from you so that we may begin crafting and "repackaging" your original resume (we may contact you after receiving the form to clarify and/or expand on your answers).
  • We will send you a draft of your new personalized resume for your review.
  • We collaborate with you to provide any final changes until you tell us we have a final version.
  • We will send you a final draft of your resume in MS Word format so you can easily save it on you own computer. We can provide you with a PDF and/or text format at no extra charge.
  • We will provide you with FREE information regarding: 1. Negotiating your new salary when a job offer is on the table, 2. The 10 best ways to find a job, and 3. A Thank You letter template you can personalize and customize to send after an interview.
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Comprehensive Resume Writing Service


Receive lifelong assistance for your career marketing. Your new resume remains in our files for future updates or in the event you lose your file copy.

If you are unemployed or dissatisfied in your current position, every day that goes by without you taking action is costing you money.

Why not make the initial investment to get traction in the job market and better response rates in your job search? You have too much at stake not to work with a professional resume writer and service to provide you with the tools you need to market yourself effectively.

Your resume is the critical component of your entire job search effort.

We write LinkedIn Profile Summaries

It is the second most important resource in your job search toolkit. More than 80% of more recruiters and hiring managers are using it to search for qualified candidates, and also to check on candidates under consideration for interviewing or hiring. You have to have a strong profile that also markets you effectively!

We also write effective Executive Bios.

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About Us as a Resume Writing Company


Acclaimed Resumes, Inc. offers resume writing services to help you market yourself more effectively and strategicly to help you secure the position you want and deserve. Since 1995, we have been instrumental in helping individuals gain employment throughout numerous job sectors and in various roles, ranging from entry level up through the C-suite. We are a Certified Professional Resume Writing company, and we have written more than 10K exceptional career marketing resumes and materials for almost every occupation, from new college graduates and entry-level management, to mid-level Managers and Executives, including CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, and CTO positions - although we have not done one for a rodeo clown ... yet, and we could!

As Certified Professional Resume Writers, we specialize in writing resumes that get responses. Why choose us to create your resume and career marketing materials? We tailor and strategize your resume content to help you get interviews.

We know how to highlight your skills and accomplishments in a resume that gets responses. We provide personalized resume writing services to write resumes strategically tailored to present your career history and position you for the job you want.

We talk with you to determine your career goal and thus how best to present your work history in your resume so you get responses and the opportunity to interview for the job YOU want.
Our resumes have been published in numerous "How to Write Your Own Resume" books, and featured in articles and media interviews as resume experts.

Resume Writing Experience You Can Depend On


We offer resume writing services tailored to help you market yourself more effectively and accurately to help you secure the position you deserve. With more than 20 years of experience, we tailor your resume to achieve results. We're Certified Professional Resume Writers with expertise in all occupations from finance to operations and everywhere in between. We're here to help all of our clients with their unique needs related to their personal marketing collateral.

Acclaimed Resumes, Inc. has written resumes for all levels, from new college graduates and entry-level management, to mid-level managers and executives, including CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, and CTO positions.

Our Only Bottom Line Is The Satisfaction of Our Clients

Put simply, we develop and write resumes that accelerate careers. We've been developing and writing superior resumes for decades in an industry peppered with so-called "professionals" who've only been writing for weeks or who are "newbies" that just received their certification within the last few months or 1 to 2 years ago. You do not want the "runts of the litter" of resume writers representing you. Our personal marketing specialists are the very best resume writers in the business, with the experience and credentials to back the claim.
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Our Resume Writing Promise to You


We don't offer free reviews just as a sales enticement and we won't "dress you down" in an attempt to humiliate you into using a service you may not need. Since you are at this site looking for a professional resume writer, you know that you need assistance writing your resume. We will not fix your resume if it isn't broken just to make money off of you. If you want a pricy resume created by an individual who could earn more at a fast food joint, then there are plenty of job boards and writing services that will be happy to oblige you with inferior writers, while pocketing 70% of the revenues. That isn't us, nor the way we work.

Quite simply, your current resume may need an "extreme makeover" or it may not. Your resume must present your skill set, results, and accomplishments in specific, quantifiable terms with relevance, clarity, impact, and substance... and leave out the "fluff" words and subjective adjectives that don't impress resume readers.

We know how to put your best foot forward to market yourself more effectively!

Your resume is one of the most important documents in your life, yet it is the most overlooked. It directly influences whether or not you get contacted for an interview. Most importantly, it determines your income potential and affects your quality of life. You can't afford not to have it done by a professional resume writer.

Every day you spend unemployed or dissatisfied in your current position is costing you money.

Contact us today and energize your job search with personalized strategic resume writing services. If you don't invest in your future, no one else will - we're dedicated to helping you achieve your future hopes and dreams. We make your resume sizzle!