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I went over the draft that you sent me and I am very happy with the results. I can see a vast difference from what I had on my original resume to what you have produced! I can see a clearly written document that highlights my strengths, experience and accomplishments.

~ Javier G. - Project Manager, Illinois

"I wanted to give you an update - I start my new job Monday [4/24/17]. The very first job I applied for with my new resume resulted in a phone interview which led to an in-person interview and then a video conference with the owner in Germany.

I will be the National Account Manager - Pet Store Chains for Flexi North America...and I will be calling on all of the national pet chains. It was exactly the type of position I was looking for and is a great transition from my previous role.

I recommended you to some of my colleagues who are looking or feel they might be. I had told them about my job search struggles, how job searches have changed and the scope of your services. And they all know how much research I do before making such a decision, and while the price was higher than some of the resume mills, I felt the personal service and actually speaking with the writer about my concerns and goals made your service a notch above the rest.

Thank you for great service - the results speak for themselves.

~Karen H. – National Account Manager, North Carolina
"I wanted to thank you once again for your help on my resume. The experience and results were very satisfying. When I began the process I was hesitant and skeptical. Was the finished product going to be better than what I could have done myself? Am I wasting money better spent on necessities? Is there really such a thing as a professional resume writer? However, I wasn't successful with the tweaks I was making and had to make a tactical change. I can say YES, the finished product is better than what I have done or could have done. No, a professionally written resume is not a waste of money and it is a necessity. Yes, there is such a thing as a resume professional. Thank you for your professionalism, your guidance and finesse, and for my fresh resume. I highly recommend your services. Respectfully and sincerely."

~Lisa M., Technical Business Analyst, Washington
"Thanks so much for your time, energy and effort with the re-write of my resume or shall we call it the "re-branding" of my resume. I could not be happier with the final result - professional, polished, a wonderful blend of results and responsibilities and most importantly clear, concise and current for the 2012 job market. The responses were prompt and the process was a nice experience, especially since I have not been in the job market in 23 years! Thanks once again for a job well done."

~Mike L., Supply Chain Manager, Illinois
"I had the good fortune to discover Tina during my search for an opportunity. After looking at a number of companies, I chose Tina based on recommendations of colleagues as well as several positive reviews that I found. I was not disappointed. At every interview after she re-wrote my resume, the hiring managers commented on the quality and professionalism of the document. I highly recommend her to anyone who is really serious about having a top quality resume."

~David S., CIO, South Carolina
"I have found the experience working with Tina Brasher to be both professional and courteous. Tina was patient with me when I needed a few more days to complete my information form. I was a bit behind at times and Tina would send me a gentle reminder asking me if I needed any help. This was greatly appreciated. I was a bit uneasy when first going into this process of writing a resume without face-to-face contact, but I found Tina's comments and pointers most helpful in making what I feel is a first rate resume and letter. I would recommend Tina's services to anyone wanting a great professional resume."

~Mike H., Project Engineer, Wisconsin
"Your service exceeded my highest expectations... My biggest concern was the translation of my military background, but it never was an issue…After seeing the finished product I am almost embarrassed reading my original resume; your talent is definitely worth the money. I have already recommended you to a fellow officer, and will continue to do so in the future!"

~Charles F., North Carolina
"Please proceed with the resume posting service. I appreciate your time and service. The resume has come out extremely well and nothing remotely close to what I had before. I am confident that this resume and the effort you have put into it will get me the much-needed career break."

~S.S. - Operations Director, Buffalo Grove, IL
"I thank you for your professionalism and promptness with your submission. It was truly a pleasure working with you and I'm very fortunate to have engaged you as my resume writer. You turned my basic military resume into a very strong and effective civilian resume. I've received numerous offers and I have accepted a job which would not have been possible if I didn't have such a strong resume. The skills that you bring to resume writing are invaluable!"

~Edward G., Ohio
"Remember me? On the phone three months ago and crying about getting kicked out of my company after nine years? Well! I'm writing this email in Cincinnati, FROM WORK! I promised I'd get back to you when I found something. I'm here training for the next couple of weeks and am overjoyed, it's a job in my industry of market research with an amazing company. I'm so lucky, fortunate, and blessed that I landed this. It wouldn't have happened without your help, advice, guidance, and writing skills. This was actually the first company that received my resume and we've been working on this for more than two months. I'm so thrilled to be here. I'm so thrilled and wanted to let you know that I found something! Woo-hoo! Thanks for EVERYTHING, you were defintely an amazing help!"

~Jason C., Illinois - Resume Done May 2010
"How can I ever thank you? I used your resume preparation service, and then your other services to post my resume and distribute it. Within 20 days I got numerous responses from ResumeSpider and more than 50 responses from the Job Board postings. I went on several interviews and got the job of my dreams!! Additionally, your salary negotiation strategy tips got me a $6,000 increase in about 45 seconds during the last interview!!! You really made a positive impact on my life, as I had been out of work for 5 months. If I hadn't found you and "hired" you, I never would have found my dream job."

~A.H. - IT Business Analyst, Wheeling, IL
"You sure saved my life! I had been unemployed for 2 months and the resume I wrote was not getting any responses. Yours opened so many doors for me when I sent it out again to several companies that I really wanted to get into. Within 3 days I had responses, 2 interviews and the job offer that I accepted. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into my resume."

~K.K. - IT Operations Director, Schaumburg, IL
"I consider myself a rather intuitive person and that is why I knew you were the right person for me the moment I walked into your office and we shook hands in November. You are the consummate professional and I can't thank you enough for writing my resume. On the day I received the final draft, I sent out 20 to potential employers and several recruiters, as well. 13! That is how many responses I had. Thank you so much. I now have several job offers and am really excited. You're the best!"

~B.S. - Operations Manager, Schaumburg, IL
"I wanted to thank you so much for my resume. I posted my resume on Monster.com. Within two weeks I received 40 emails, 10 interviews, 3 job offers and a new job within 2 months."

~B.W. - Vice President - Insurance Sales, Hoffman Estates, IL
"Thank you! After sending out 5 resumes I received 5 calls. Out of those calls, I had 4 interviews. After three weeks I was offered my ultimate "Dream Job". Without your service my resume would have never gotten to the decision maker. Thank you again for the great resume."

~A. Green - Sales Executive, Tulsa, OK
"Thank you so much for your help with resume, cover letter and interview coaching! The resume and cover letter that you made for me was so good that a potential employer (the editor-in-chief of a popular magazine, no less) called me within 15 minutes of receiving it via email, and wanted to interview me that same day. I owe you big. I'm currently Senior Designer at the magazine we were gunning for. You had a tremendous amount to do with that. I could never fully express my gratitude. But, thank you so much. Kudos!"

~P. L. - Graphic Artist, New York City
"After receiving your final draft, I sent it to my dad on Thursday night, and he sent my resume to his friend and he (the friend) called me first thing Friday morning wanting to hire me. Although the job is in FL, it was a good networking opportunity. I sent out approximately 80 resumes to headhunters on Friday. By the end of the day, about 6 headhunters got back to me. I had follow-up calls on Monday. Within 10 minutes of a headhunter sending my resume to one of the largest ad agencies, she called me back to invite me to the interview I had this morning. And I will be going back for follow-up interviews. Thanks again for your help!"

~S.C. - Marketing Director, New York, NY
"I've got to tell you, I had my old resume posted on Monster for over 1 year, got 262 "views," and not a single reply. So far today, my first day with the resume and cover letter you produced, I have gotten 5 replies! I'm leaving for an interview in 20 minutes. Therefore, I'll need to get back to you later tonight on revisions to the draft. BUT SO FAR, SO VERY GOOD! Thanks a lot! Also, I have a referral for you. He lives next door. Thanks a million times, I just can't believe it!"

~J. S. - Executive Sales Vice President, New York City
"The resume looks great. I'm very pleased with the first draft. I cannot see anything I would change; it looks great. Thank you so much for your expertise in translating my skills from military into civilian context."

~R. R. - transition to an Operations / Management position from a 23-year Navy career, Clear Spring, MD
"I just want to thank you for helping me put together one of the best résumé's I have ever had. In fact, the company which released me in February had included in my severance package an extended time with an outplacement service. When I went for my résumé appointment the outplacement service could not improve or change my résumé that you helped me build, whatsoever. I know at first it was a struggle for me to change my initial résumé but I now find that your résumé skill is beyond that of anyone I could have recruited to help me. That résumé helped me land an awesome position with a large, well-known company in the entertainment industry. You can be assured if anyone needs a great résumé service, you would be the person I would gladly refer them to for that perfect résumé to land that perfect job!"

~Marilyn V. - Commodity Manager, McHenry, IL
"I've got 3 interviews set up all due to your hard work and expertise. I'm very grateful I found your firm to handle this, I was floundering about with a resume I wrote myself and after a year of getting no where, pow, I've hit the jackpot with your's!! I sincerely appreciate the time you spent with me going over the details to make this a success. I will highly recommend your company to any of my associates who are in need of a professional resume. Again, I should have done this long ago, but I'm thankful I found you."

~B.V. – Sales Manager, Ft. Myers, VA
"I want to take a moment to thank you for the quality work that you did on my resume. My previous resume drew literally no useful responses, but once you gave it a complete overhaul and re-write, it was immediately more attractive to everyone who saw it. I ran the draft document past one of my previous managers, a leader in the logistics industry and a long time mentor and friend, and he gave it his approval. I presented the new document to a manager who had not bothered to communicate with me previously, and once the new document was sent he asked to see me face to face. Yesterday morning, I received a verbal offer to relocate to Houston, which was my goal to begin with, which is only pending the usual corporate approvals that go into the process. I am going to have my wife engage your services next month. "

~D. Linkous – Logistics Manager, Ohio