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Personalized Resume Writing Services

Get started today with a Free Consultation - just send your resume to us. If you want interviews for your next job - your resume matters!

Receive lifelong assistance for your career marketing. Your new resume remains in our files for future updates or in the event you lose your file copy. We are knowledgeable about resume writing. In fact, we have written resumes that have been published in several books on the subject.
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Improve your chances for landing a great job by using our resume posting services. Acclaimed Resumes, Inc.has created resumes for all levels, from new college graduates and entry-level management, to mid-level managers and executives, including CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, and CTO positions.

We know how to position you for the job you want by writing resumes. For instance, generic phrasing of accomplishments will never impress a resume reader. If you were reading a resume, which of these sentences would impress you the most?

"Led a sales team in surpassing sales objectives on a consistent basis due to sound sales acumen."


"Exceeded annual sales goals 25% - 45% by initiating and launching national sales strategies while guiding a sales force of 250."

Probably the 2nd one, right? That's what we do best; bring your accomplishments to the forefront.

Quite simply, your current resume may need an "extreme makeover." Your resume must present your skill set, results, and accomplishments in specific, quantifiable terms with relevance, clarity, impact, and substance... and leave out the "fluff" words and subjective adjectives that don't impress resume readers. Our resume writers know how to put your best foot forward to market yourself more effectively!

A Note About "Cover" Letters


This terminology is so very antique and comes from days past when resumes were printed and snail mailed; the letter "covered" or laid on top of the resume in the envelope (that's how it got its name). Today, resumes are submitted directly into company Websites or emailed, therefore, the letter does not "cover" the resume. It is now a separate "file" apart from the resume, and serves a different function than in the old days. We call our "Cover Letter" a Marketing Letter as it serves a dual function: you can use it as a typical cover letter if you want and need to, but you can also use it as a letter of introduction or interest. Think of it as a "sales brochure" and you are the product. We'll explain how to use it as a better and more effective marketing tool in your self-marketing kit. Wouldn't you want to use a resume writing company that is more up-to-date and in tune with what works better in today's job market?

LinkedIn Profile Summaries


Let us help you stand out from the crowd by emphasizing why a potential employer should select you from the vast pool of candidates. You would simply copy and paste the information we provide for you into your Profile Summary section. We do the Profile writing for you!

Save yourself the hassle of creating the pitch-perfect profile Summary. We craft the Summary content to add to your professional profile, including short focus information. We also provide you with tips and recommendations regarding the rest of your profile content.

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More About Your Professional LinkedIn Profile Summary

LinkedIn is the place where employers locate and research potential employees. If you secure our resume writing services including the Profile Summary, we also review your existing Profile to give you tips on its entire content to leverage your experience for a quality professional image and brand.

Two Resume Distribution Services


1. Save 10%! If you're like most people, you plan to put your new resume on the Internet Job Boards and surf the Web looking for advertised positions. Did you know that the Internet ONLY has a 1.3 - 3.0% effectiveness rate? We have a more effective way to help you tap into 87% of jobs that are not advertised.

  • As you look for your next career move, you should research ResumeSpider.com to help you acquire more job leads and contacts. ResumeSpider.com offers you a time-saving and effective way for you to connect with targeted employers, corporate hiring managers and recruiters. ResumeSpider.com has built an extensive network of employers and recruiters that you can tap into in just minutes.
  • Go to www.resumespider.com and click on the big red "Run Search Now!" button then select your categories and click Get Results. You will then get to view your actual list of companies and contacts. Set up a free trial account first and review your actual list. Then you can upgrade and get 10% off by using discount code 766772.

2. Resume Posting on Job Boards - You must market yourself and make your resume accessible to potential employers.

  • The average job seeker uses between 2-4 job search sites or job boards. Setting up your profile on each site can take hours (a recent study determined it takes about 60 hours), and is often a mental drain on you. Think of all the user names and passwords you would need to create and track!
  • Our service enables you to automatically create an account, and post your resume to 80 to 100 leading job search boards by filling out 1 form in just minutes!
  • Instead of spending your time uploading your resume and creating a profile on each site, you should spend your time searching and applying for jobs!


Included in the #2 Resume Distribution Service:


Multiple Category Selections The Resume Posting service offers multiple categories of career sites from which to choose. You can create a broad (shotgun) or targeted (rifle) approach. You decide which categories you would like to post your resume, including General Purpose, Information Technology, Sales & Marketing, Diversity, and Accounting etc.

Job Matches Via Email Job Agents are set up for you, and search for job openings matching your criteria and then automatically email you Job Alerts with matching jobs in your desired location.

Confidentiality Feature If you want to keep your information for potential employers confidential, you can do that.

Real-Time Posting Report You are supplied with a Real-Time Posting Report to easily access each site you're posted on, which includes:
  • A link list of where your resume was posted.
  • Auto-Logon links that instantly log you into each site.
  • Your usernames and passwords for each site.
  • The status of each site (“posting” or “pending”).
Career Site Auto-Login Links Within the Real-Time Posting Report, you will find a link to quickly log-in to each site you are posted on; you can automatically log in to that particular career site. This makes visiting the career sites and modifying your resume a breeze!

Email Forwarding Services You may forward job related email to any personal email address you like. You also can change where you forward your email to at any time or turn forwarding off altogether, the choice is yours.

Reference Checking Service


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Check what your references are saying about you. We partnered with this service that offers convenient job reference verification for today's job seekers. Visit checkyourreference.com to see the services they offer. Here's a brief description of what they can do for you:
Executive Level - the most comprehensive and thorough discussion about your skills as a manager, supervisor, or C-level Executive and is directed toward individuals in senior management and corporate Officers and Directors.
Professional Level - covers all the items outlined in the Standard Reference Check, as well as a detailed discussion about your skills, abilities, strengths, and some areas where there may be an opportunity for improvement.
Teacher Reference Check - custom tailored for individuals who have been involved in teaching or classroom supervisory roles. Covers all core attributes outlined in the Standard Reference Check and includes a detailed discussion about your teaching skills, abilities, accomplishments, strengths and in some areas where there may be opportunity for improvement.
Basic or Standard Reference Check - verifies the fundamental attributes of your employment history, essential performance characteristics, and accomplishments.