Pricing For Our Resume Writing Services




What's the investment? Perhaps the better question to ask yourself is: What price would you put on getting interviews for the job you want?
We don't post exact or specific investment fees as everyone's resume writing needs are different so please call 847-260-7851.
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  • We price our personalized resume writing service on an individual basis and what you need, i.e. according to whether we need to do an "extreme makeover," an editing project for you, or a combination of editing and new composition. If your existing resume only needs a high-level of editing and refining, we will adjust your investment fee accordingly.
  • We do offer different bundled packages.
  • We try to keep our fee in line with what our clients can afford rather than a set investment fee that may be out of reach for someone recently unemployed or out of work for months.

Our goal is to help you, not gouge you when you are frustrated with an unsuccessful job search!
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What if you lost your job? How long would it take you to assemble the information for your resume so you could start looking for a new job? How long can you afford to be unemployed?

If you are struggling in your job search and not getting interviews, we can help you get on the fast track to success in your job search!

Get started today with a Free Consultation - just send us your existing resume and kindly fill out the Contact form as well. If you want interviews for your next job - your resume content matters!
For more information, visit the Resume Services page, or call us at 847-260-7851.
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