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We work with people who are searching for new jobs or who are having difficulties in marketing themselves and not getting responses or interviews from their self-written resumes. Many people who write their own resumes are disappointed with the results because they don’t know how to sift through their work history to select the right content to best show their skills and results. They also aren’t knowledgeable in the criteria required by Applicant Tracking Systems to ensure their resume file is parsed correctly. So self-written resumes frequently fail miserably in getting responses and interview opportunities. For instance, numerous clients we have worked with have reported success in getting interviews and job offers due to our resume writing and LinkedIn® Profile writing. See our Testimonials.

We help you market yourself more effectively to get interviews and opportunities for job offers by providing you with professional resume writing for resumes, LinkedIn® Profiles, and marketing (cover) letters. Our personalized 1-on-1 approach allows us to create and customize a strategic resume, LinkedIn® Profile, and marketing (cover) letter to best show your work experience, skills and results,and professional profile.

Resume Writing Services, Professional Resume Writer, Executive Resume Writing

Tired of sending out hundreds of your self-written resume and not getting responses? Are you getting the wrong type of responses? Not getting the amount of responses you thought you’d get? Did the resume you sent to the job posting for which you thought you were a perfect match never get a response? Well, you wouldn’t be your own doctor, dentist, or lawyer, would you? Why trust the presentation of your career history to yourself? Have a professional strategic resume writer do it for you.

A strategically written resume and marketing (cover) letter is the cornerstone of your search for a new job or employment. Whether you are unemployed, or seeking new employment, our tailor-made and targeted resumes and marketing (cover) letters have proven to be a highly powerful tool, and extremely successful. An unprofessional resume and letter will radically undersell your credentials. We work with clients to learn about their work history, and understand their career goals going forward. Equipped with this information, we are able to create effective marketing materials for you. Our demonstrated history of success, makes us an industry leader in the resume and cover letter business.

Our resumes and letters showcase and highlight your talents and results, giving you a strategic competitive advantage over your peers in your job search. It is now more important than ever to differentiate and separate yourself from the millions seeking employment. Take a look at why our Marketing Letters are different from the traditional "Cover Letter" provided by others, and how to use it. Click here.

By the way, is your resume Applicant Tracking System compliant? If not, it may never be seen by human eyes!! We ensure that all our clients' resumes are so that they will parse correctly in the various systems. Do you know how to do this? We do; read on and explore our site...

Since 1995, we have been instrumental in helping individuals gain employment throughout numerous job sectors and in various roles, ranging from entry level up through the C-suite.

How We Work with You...

  • We review and evaluate your current resume if you send us one.
  • We call you to discuss your resume (usually within 1 business day of your submission).
  • We give you a detailed investment quote for the entire project for changing the strategy of your resume to showcase your skills and
  • Position you for the job you want.
  • We may send you a "Resume Questionnaire" that will help us gain additional information from you so that we may begin strategizing, crafting, and "repackaging" your original resume (we may contact you after receiving the form to clarify and/or expand on your answers).
  • We will send you a draft of your new strategically crafted resume for your review.
  • We collaborate with you to provide any final changes until you tell us we have a final version.
  • We will send you a final draft of your new resume in MS Word format so you can easily save it on you own computer. We can also provide you with PDF and text formats at no extra charge.
  • We will provide you with FREE information on negotiating your new salary when a job offer is on the table, the 10 top ways to find a job, and also a list of possible interview questions so you can prepare your answers in advance.

Contact us today and energize your job search with personalized strategic resume writing services. If you don't invest in your future, no one else will - we're dedicated to helping you achieve your future hopes and dreams. We make your resume sizzle!

For your convenience, you can make your payment online using your PayPal account; just click on the Buy Now link and enter the investment fee.

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Resume Writing Services, Professional Resume Writer, Executive Resume Writing